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Dark Model - Music from Saga

Dark Model – Survivors (from the new album “Saga”)

This is a teaser from Dark Model’s upcoming album “Saga.” Not only does this track construct orchestral and symphonic sound (which is signature to this project), it also features a lot of elements of disco & electronic funk which Tatsuya Oe has embraced and presented throughout…

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OE music

OE – Patterns Of Passion

Contemporary Classical (based on Minimalism) track which features piano, handclap, and body percussion. It begins with simple phrases, but builds gradually according to the time lapse.

BPM: 105
Keywords for this track:
Sophisticated, Minimalistic, Contemporary, Modern Classical, Neo Classical,…

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Dark Model - New Tracks

Dark Model – Vengeance Is Mine

Dark Model’s new track, following the first full album. This is an aggressive Hybrid Rock/Orchestral Electronica track that consists of heavy guitar riffs, massive drum sound, fat bass, and impressive strings phrases.

BPM: 80
Keywords: Alternative Rock, Hybrid Rock, Epic, Industrial, …

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