Manta 1000 – Prenom Betty

Tags: Dance, Disco, Electronic, and House. Categories: Remixes.


A1. Prenom Betty (Captain Funk Last Fever In Paris Mix)
A2. Prenom Betty (Telebio Mix)
B1. Prenom Betty (DJ Q Mix)
B2. Prenom Betty (Manta 1000 Mix)

Label: Universal France/Barclay
Catalog No: 561 254-1
Release Year: 1999


The first release of Manta 1000, a French electronic band. They reached out to Sublime records and requested me to remix their debut track as they liked Captain Funk’s “Bustin’ Loose EP.” That’s why I decided to make this song sound more energetic and funkier by adding brass sections and heavy synth bass sound (although I tried to avoid going too far).

By the way, whenever I have an offer of music production including remixes, I make it a rule to ask clients what track under which project of mine they heard. It is crucial not only for them but also for me to clarify their needs so that we both can end up working together comfortably.

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Tatsuya Oe Updated: November 15, 2021