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Digital sonic fetishism

The 2nd release as OE is his most experimental release yet, including pieces of musique concrete, noises, and morphing sounds. After the production of OE’s 1st album “Here and You,” Tatsuya got more interested in sonic aspects of music, coping with questions like, “How can we treat sounds as physical phenomena?” or “What if we could transform sounds like clay?.”

While spending many hours in processing sounds by making full use of his computer software and programming original patches, he would go outside with a tiny recorder for field recordings. A massive amount of sound materials he had generated and gathered were digitally processed, morphed, 3D-effected, and mixed into these eleven pieces.


1. 276EC2
2. f2;5
3. y/q
4. 3r -.
5. Rho
6. :-&
7. not*f
8. W.L
9. bAnAch
10. x.stp();
11. rqm
12. All Around (First Version)

Note: Some tracks in this album are newly mixed and included in 2018 releases “New Classics Vol. 1 & 2.”

Label:Blues Interactions (P-Vine)
Catalog No:PCD-26005
Release Date: May 25, 2003
Artwork: Paradise Jam

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