Skank You Too!

Tags: Break Beats, Dance, Electronic, and House. Categories: Compilations.

This compilation album consists of uplifting Big Beat and House tracks. Captain Funk’s “Kung Fu Ska” (from “Bustin’ Loose EP”) was included.


1. Urban Dance Squad – Happy Go Fucked Up (Sellin’ Your Principles For A Bundle Version)
2. The Incredible Melting Man featuring D-Red – Funk Plaid Coat
3. JCB – Here Comes The Music
4. Captain Funk – Kung Fu Ska
5. Fuselage – You’re Killing Me (Rasmus Remix)
6. Hardwire – Tearin’ The Country Up
7. Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank
8. Laidback – International
9. Mighty Dub Katz – Magic Carpet Ride (Fatboy Slim Latin Ska Acid Breakbeat Mix)
10. Junior Delgado featuring Jungle Brothers – Buffalo Soldier
11. Dream Warriors – Wash Your Face In My Sink
12. Jungle Brothers – Because I Got It Like That (Ultimatum Mix)
13. SL2 – Way In My Brain
14. Postmen – U Wait
15. Freestylers – Warning (Soul Hooligan Mix)
16. Double Trouble & Rebel MC – Street Tuff (Scar Mix)

Label: Essential Dance Music
Catalog No: UE-701511
Release Date: July 19, 1999

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