Zoobombs – Love is Funky

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Oe collaborated with Zoobombs for the production and arrangement of M3 “jumbo #2.”


1. funky movin’ (full edit)
2. feel ur sex from the funky, funky music
3. jumbo #2
4. modern creation
5. mama, gimme ya hot hand
6. love bomb
7. use me
8. papaeye
9. mo’ funky
10. gimme some “mo'”
11. link into the air (angel, bomb, universe)

Label: Virgin Records
Catalog No: TOCT-24811
Format: CD Album
Release Date: Jun 26, 2002

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Zoobombs - Jumbo

1.Jumbo #2
2.Tight’n Rap
3.Born Wild Girl
4.Hot Love

Label: EMI Music (Australia)
Catalog No: LAMPCDS01
Format: Single CD
Release Year: 2001

Amazon US (CD)
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I used to have frequent contact with the leader of this band Don Matsuo at that time. Not only did he participate in Captain Funk’s “Songs of the Siren,” but we together had an interview with rock magazines. “Jumbo #2” is the English version of their existing song “Jumbo,” and I remember that they decided to work on this mix as they had won a record deal with EMI Australia.

I thought of the arrangement so that I could meet their request to make the original mix sound more low-fi and Hip-hop oriented.

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