Demolition Disco – Big Mama

Tags: Dance, Electronic, and House. Categories: Remixes.


1. Big Mama (original mix) 03:36
2. Big Mama (StereoHeroes remix) 04:07
3. Big Mama (Aerotronic remix) 04:12
4. Big Mama (Junkietron remix) 06:08
5. Big Mama (Captain Funk Epic Remix) 09:54

Label: Riot Riot
Catalog No: RRE-004
Release Date: Apr 22, 2011


While I liked the straightness which the original mix had as a dance track, I got more fascinated by the indigenous side or elements of the music, such as the African-esque voice samples as well as the tribal electronic beat. And I came up with an idea of creating an epic and futuristic musical suite (story) by emphasizing those elements so that the remix could be as much as different from the original mix and other remixes.

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Tatsuya Oe Updated: November 15, 2021