Joujouka – New Asians

Tags: Dance, Electronic, House, and Rock. Categories: Remixes.


Side A
1. New Asians
2. Don’t Think, Feel!! Joujouka Remix
Side B
1. Don’t Think, Feel!! Feat Tadanobu Asano
2. Don’t Think, Feel!! Captain Funk “CF In Darkness” Version (Dub)

Label: EMI Japan
Catalog No: TOCX-2209
Release Date: Dec 26, 2001


Joujouka is an electronic rock band led by DJ Tsuyoshi, who I would often join DJ gigs together. The original mix was a fast-paced digital rock featuring Tadanobu Asano’s distorted vocals and crunchy guitar sound. As my DJ style was leaning toward house music at that time, I eventually chose a progressive house style by slowing down the tempo drastically.

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