Digikid84 – Timelapse Remix Session

Tags: 80s, Dance, Disco, Electronic, and Funk. Categories: Remixes.


1. You Got the Groove (Captain Funk Remix)
2. Rebel (feat. Keith Masters)
3. Continuum (Bestrack Remix)
4. What Happened to You
5. Anything (Cherokee Remix)
6. Cuz I Know (Mr. Gonzo Remix)
7. Dancer
8. Let’s Stay Together (WAEK Remix)

Label: Folistar (France)
Release Date: Feb 6, 2012


Immediately after I heard the song, I was confident that I could make an impressive remix because this kind of funky music was exactly my type (as heard in my early Captain Funk works). While the original mix was reminiscent of the early 80’s electronic-funk such as productions of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, I tried to make the song sound a little more uplifting and to add a romantic, sophisticated “disco funk” touch to it by putting strings, piano riffs, and rhythm guitars.

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Tatsuya Oe Updated: November 15, 2021