Museum of Plate – Practical Symphony No.5 “Samurai Remixes”

Tags: Electronic and Hip-Hop. Categories: Remixes.

A remix compilation of Museum of plate, a solo project by Japanese pianist Saiko Tsukamoto.


1. Title Back
2. Title Back (Captain Funk Remix)
3. We Live A Life (Malawian Club Remix)
4. For Next Place (Crue-L Entertainment Remix)
5. Children’s Corner (Tsutchie Remix)
6. Ame (Numb Sutra Remix)
7. Back To Gothic (TKD Mix)
8. Song Of The Communist Bloc (M.O.P. Mix)
9. We Live A Life (Voigt-Kampff Mix)
10. Sheep’s Symphony No.5 (Child’s View Mix)

Label: Crue-l Records
Release Date: Feb 27, 1999


I heard through Sublime records that the A&R (or the owner?) of Crue-l records liked Captain Funk’s debut album “Encounter with” and contacted them. While I hadn’t heard the music of Museum of Plate (Saiko Tsukamoto) yet, I was fascinated by the compositions featuring her sophisticated, exquisite piano performances. The concept I came up with for the remix was to create something almost like a sequel of “Encounter” with her piano sounds while keeping that sophistication carefully.

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