Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden – GRPCD2

Tags: Dance, Electronic, and Jazz. Categories: Remixes.


– CD1 –
1. Catch 44.1 (Oe Reconstruction) 13:27
Remix – Tatsuya Oe

2. Bayaka 7:27
3. Play Mate At Hanoi (Inu Ni Kirawareta) 6:58
Remix – DJ Quietstorm
4. Play Mate At Hanoi (Olatunji Mix) 13:21
Remix – Otomo Yoshihide
5. Circle Line (DJ Me DJ You Mix) 4:28
Remix – DJ Me DJ You
6. Catch 22 (Showa Dub Mix) 11:23
Remix – Kazunao Nagata & The City Connection
7. Pan American Beef Stake Art Federations (Rei Harakami Mochigome Re-Arrange) 15:42
Remix – Rei Harakami

– CD2 –
1. Catch 22 (A – B) 15:18
2. Playmate At Hanoi 13:47
3. Catch 22 (C) 10:07
4. Circle / Line – Hard Core Peace 13:01
5. Hey Joe 9:44
6. Mirror Balls 9:45

Label: Blues Interactions (P-Vine)
Catalog No: PCD-18504-/5
Release Date: Nov 10, 2002


I liked the original mix, mainly how a bunch of great performers played and improvised in a very organic, passionate way, which reminded me of ’70s free-jazz/psychedelic rock.

To remix this track, I focused on how to “redefine the coolness of the music.” In other words, I tried to extract the “cool attitude that jazz music has” underlying in the original mix and (daringly) get rid of the “heat” or “sweat” the performance had. By rearranging/reordering all the elements, I built a suite (an ordered set of instrumental pieces), hoping that I could transform the track into another musical story which is more modern and electronic.

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