Hiroshi Minami – MINIMA- GO THERE! Remix


1. Utsumi Remix
2. Dark Soap Playing Mix
3. Damp Mix
4. Deeeeep Dub Mix
5. Oe’s Fluid Reconstruction Pt.1-3
6. Kazuyuki Matsumura A.K.A. Zak Mix
6. のらくろ Mix!

Label: East West
Catalog No: EWBE0004
Release Date: Dec 21, 2002


I worked on this remix after the promotion tour of OE’s release “Here and You.” I remember meeting Mr. Minami at the backstage of Shibuya Quattro where I held a release party for the album. Mr. Naruyoshi Kikuchi, who had joined the party as a guest performer, introduced him to me.

The original mix was performed by Mr. Minami’s jazz trio, and it was a pretty progressive track where you could enjoy exciting performances by the seasoned players. As I thought it would not make sense to make a flat and monotonous dance remix of this track, I (daringly) took apart and reconstructed each performance so that I could build a musical story (i.e., suite) which eventually consisted of three parts.

I wish this album, which is rare and different from trendy remix compilations, would be available for digital distribution.

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