Diana Ross & The Supremes Remixes

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1. You Can’t Hurry Love (Readymade Re-Edit)
2. You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Dj Fumiya Remix)
3. I’m Coming Out (Jazztronik Boogie Soul Edit)
4. Baby Love (Halfby More Shambles Remix)
5. Upside Down (I-Dep’S Downside Up Mix)
6. The Boss (Sh Club Mix)
7. Theme From Mahogany~Do You Know Where You’re Going To?~ (Captain Funk Punky-Nighty Mix)
8. Stop!In The Name Of Love (Low Jack Mix)
9. I’m Still Waiting (Handsomeboy Technique Remix)
10. I’M Coming Out (Force Of Nature Remix)
11. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (FPM’s “The Dancefloor’s Tension Is High Enough” Mix)

Label: Universal Music
Catalog No: UMCK-1228
Release Date: Jun 27, 2007


I was asked for this remix not by Universal Music in person but by someone whom I had worked together at the early stage of my career. In most remix projects, artists can choose which song in the clients’ catalogs they want to remix first. In this case, however, they gave me a specific offer to remix “Theme From Mahogany.” Moreover, they suggested to me that I should do “dance rock” arrangement for the song, for example, as I did for Dune’s “John Wayne Vs. Mary Chain” remix or Captain Funk’s album “Heavy Mellow.”

I don’t appreciate receiving too specific creative direction from someone about how to remix the songs although it rarely happens. Eventually, I accepted their request as a “heads-up,” guessing that they had wanted me to comply with their (seemingly unreasonable) demand; to transform this slow, poignant “legendary ballad” into an uplifting, driving dance track.

In fact, I took a few days to get my ideas in order and convince myself, literally about “where I am going to?” In retrospect, there is nothing to regret about the production per se. But I wish we could have discussed more why they had to choose the song.

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