Easy Tempo Experience – The Third Dimension

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1. Piero Umiliani – Panoramica (Re-interpretation Cinematic Mix): Cinematic Orchestra
2. Piero Piccioni – Colpo Rovente (Benja & Fatalis Mix): Benja & Fatalis
3. Piero Umiliani L’umo E La Citta (Metropolis Mix): Raphael Sebbag
4. Piero Umiliani – Elzeviro (Utsumi’s Jazz Mix): Izuru Utsumi
5. Piero Umiliani – Momento Ritmico (Air Kraft Vision Mix): Air Kraft Vision
6. Stefano Torossi – Walkin’ In The Dark (Dark Side Mix): DJ Vadim
7. Piero Umiliani – Discomania (Marco Polo Mix): Marco “Polo” Cecere
8. G.P. Reverberi – Malizie Di Venere (Breakin’ Mix): Captain Funk
9. Piero Umiliani – Lady Magnolia (Royal Belleville Orchestra Alternate Mix): Kid Loco
10. Piero Umiliani – Hard Times (Astro Dub Mix): Astronaughty
11. Lesiman – Messaggio (Black Night Mellow Mix): Gak Sato

Label: Right Tempo (Italy)
Catalog No: MET901/903CD
Release Date: July 11, 2000


Mr. Gak Sato, who had been the label director of the Italian label and my long-term friend, asked me to remix Gian Piero Reverberi’s composition for the 1969 film “Malizie Di Venere (Devil in the Flesh).” I didn’t know the movie at that time, but I loved the music featuring female scats, which was already impressive and funky to boost the party mood. As the music was live-recorded without a metronome, of course, it was challenging to adjust tempo-changing performances to the fixed tempo by using my AKAI sampler (when it was still a pre-Pro Tools era). However, it was a lot of fun to cook those vintage materials from Italy and revitalize them into a modern dance/breakbeat music.

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