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This is a compilation album which was released from the sublabel of ACV (Italy). Oe’s downtempo/dub track “Seeker” was included.


1. Max Polo – Life
2. Tatsuya Oe – Seeker
3. Stefano Noferini – Song For Livi
4. Max Stival – Boundless Sleep
5. Max Polo – Giada
6. Turkana – The Last Train To The Moon
7. Scott Edward – Shopping In Zero Gravity
8. Warpin Allergen – Deorbit
9. Robert Armani – Circus Bells (Sven Väth Remix)
10. Robert Armani – Something Wrong
11. Riccardo Rocchi – A Labyrinth Of Secrets
12. The Lord Of The Rings – Back And Forth
13. Sandro Galli – The Message

Label: Zone Records (ACV)
Catalog No: CDZ-001
Release Year: 1997


Like “Dazzlin'” released from Chicago Style, “Seeker” is one of my early works which I created a few months after I had begun music production. While “Dazzlin'” included straight techno-house tracks, this track was a downtempo, dubby track. What it is funny enough now is that I didn’t notice this track, which was included in my first demo tape sent to ACV, had already been adopted and released until I came across this CD at WAVE, a store in Roppongi, Tokyo.

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