Ken Ishii – Islands & Continents -600MHz


– CD –
1. Super Fly (Kurtis Mantronik Remix)
2. Actio Surrealismo (Captain Funk Rampage Remix)
3. Butter Bump (Cari Lekebusch Remix ~Servo Mix~)
4. Rev Splash (Ultra Living Remix ~Wild Blue Yokohama Mix~)
5. MBA 2 featuring – Wreckage Inc.
1. Islands & Continents – 600MHz Mix

Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Catalog No: XDLL-93312
Release Date: Oct 21, 1998


“Actio Surrealismo” was included in Ken Ishii’s ’98 release “Metal Blue America.” As the original mix was a groovy track featuring driving breakbeats, I was able to complete the remix very smoothly.

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