Flare – Dir.R Remix EP

Tags: Dance, Electronic, and Techno. Categories: Remixes.

This 12-inch single includes remixes of Flare (also known as Ken Ishii).


A1 Dir.r (Backfunk 3000 Remix)
A2 Dir.r (Tatsuya’s Roller Coaster Mix)
B Dir.r (Original Version)

Label: Music Mine/Reel Musiq
Catalog No: RLEP-010
Release Date: July 25, 1997


Ken (Ishii), who had already been known as a Japanese “Techno God” and my long-term friend as well, invited me to remix his track produced under the moniker of Flare. It was a great honor for me, who was still a fledgling musician, to cook his music. “Roller Coaster” was the name of the party which I would organize at Maniac Love, a nightclub which was located in Aoyama, Tokyo. I remember playing this remix at “Rainbow 2000 Hakusan,” one of the early big techno festivals held one week later of the release in Japan.

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