Fantastic Plastic Machine – International Standard Luxury Remixes

Tags: Break Beats, Dance, and Electronic. Categories: Remixes.


1. I Love FPM (readymade JBL mix)
2. You Must Learn All Night Long (Captain Funk Crazy Flamingo mix)
3. There Must Be An Angel (Playing with My Heart) [MALAWI ROCKS Club Mix] 4. Honolulu, Calcutta (Sunahara Yoshinori mix)

Label: Nippon Columbia
Catalog No: COCO-50069
Release Date: July 1, 1999


I remember piling up tons of floppy disks (!) to store the data converted from DAT tapes (!) which included materials of the original mix. It was way before I set up Pro Tools in my studio. I imagine, at that time, Mr.Tanaka (FPM) would also spend a tremendous amount of time struggling with AKAI samplers.

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