Original Love – Honey Flesh

Tags: Electronic, J-Pop, and Rock. Categories: Remixes.


A1 神々のCrazyチェス
A2 羽毛とピストル “L?K?O” MIx
A3 Insomnia (Acid Insominia)
B1 ハニーフレッシュ
B2 ティラノサウルス
B3 大車輪 Captain Funk “Like A Mojo” Mix

Label: Pony Canyon
Catalog No: PCJA-00040
Release Date: Mar 17, 1999


I received an offer for the remix from the A&R director of Original Love (Mr.Takao Tajima) via my ex-label. The band was one of the few Japanese artists I would enjoy listening to in my school days, so it was a great honor to be asked to remix his music.

As for the arrangement, I followed a “Swamp Rock meets Gospel music” approach which I had already taken in Captain Funk’s “Dancing in the Street.” What is funny enough is, the title should have been “Like a Mojo,” but it seems to have turned to “Like a Moja” somewhere in the Chinese whispers between the client and me.

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