Sublime the RMXS

Tags: Break Beats and Electronic. Categories: Compilations and Remixes.

A remix compilation album of Sublime Records, a Japanese techno label where Oe would release several early works as Captain Funk.


1. Dir.R (Buckfunk3000mix) (Flare)
2. O.Y.M. (Christopher Just Mix) (Captain Funk)
3. Torn Open (Captain Funk Mix) (Co-Fusion)

4. A Version City Episode (Patrick Pulsinger Mix/Edit)(Tanzmuzik)
5. On (Ian O’Brien Mix) (Harakami Rei)
6. 4℃ (Spacetime Continuum Mix) (Prism,Yokota Susumu)
7. Blood Of The Angel (Ian Pooley Mix) (Yokota Susumu)
8. 1300 Milliseconds Of Brass (Susumu Yokota Mix) (Max Brennan)
9. Double Flat (Max404mix) (Harakami Rei)
10. A Version City

Label: Music Mine/Sublime
Catalog No: MKCS-1013
Release Date: Sep 3, 1998

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