Tommy February6 – Everyday at the Bus Stop


1. Everyday At The Bus Stop
2. Walk Away From You My Babe
3. Since Yesterday
4. Everyday At The Bus Stop (Captain Funk “Daydream” Edition)

Label: DefSTAR Records
Catalog No: DFCZ 1037-8
Release Date: July 24, 2001


This remix project began with a letter from Tommy February6’s composer team. It was around when I completed the production of Captain Funk’s “Song of the Siren,” so I decided to work on this continuously at the same studio.

The original mix was very catchy, well-polished dance pop under the influence of the late 80’s Eurobeat, especially the production style of SAW (Stock Aitken Waterman), which made me consider what I should or could do with this song carefully. Of course, it is conceivable that I, as a DJ producer, create a more uplifting remix of this already-danceable song. But it seemed too predictable or uninspiring to me. If I had to make it more DJ-oriented, I would only have to create an “Extended Mix” by adding a long intro and interval as many Eurobeat producers were doing at that time.

I took a different approach by paying attention to other musical values of this song such as the hummable melodies and the right balance of the verse and chorus. I altered the original chord progression and got rid of 80’s synthpop feel so that I could add depth to the song. The “Daydream Edition” may sound more like Japanese “city pop” while it’s still 80’s-esque.

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