Wiggle – Wiggle

Tags: Break Beats, Dance, Electronic, and Rock. Categories: Collaborations.

This is the first album of Wiggle, which is an alternative/electronic rock band organized by Gil Kuno. It was groundbreaking at that time that the members gathering from all over the world created music together via the internet. Oe, who had been Gil’s friend, would support the project and provide a couple of tracks as an initial member.

The band and Gil participated and performed in many media art festivals such as One Dot Zero and Ars Electronica.


1. Boik
2. Warning
3. Daisuki Me
4. Signal Fault
5. Feedback
6. Headbash
7. Krictl
8. Wadjala Spirit
9. Pejuta
10. Let It Wiggle

Label: Kitty MME
Catalog No: KTCM-1143
Format: CD Album
Release Date: May 19, 1999

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Wiggle - Daisuki Me

1. Watashi Wa Watashi Ga Daisuki
2. Let It Wiggle.
3. Watashi Wa Watashi Ga Daisuki (Tatsuya Oe’s PhunkaBionica Mix)
4. Watashi Wa Watashi Ga Daisuki (Alternative Mix)

Label: Kitty MME
Format: Maxi Single CD
Release Date: Aug 25, 1997

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