Denki Groove – Double A

Tags: Dance, Electronic, and J-Pop. Categories: Remixes.


1. Wicked Jumper
2. Volcanic Drumbeats
3. Pocket Cowboy
4. Never
5. Parachute
6. Garigari Kun
7. Caty Summer
8. Asunaro Sunshine
9. Shangri-la
10. Smoky Bubbles
11. Loop Zombies
12. Shangri-Joppo

1. Wicked Jumper (Thomas Schumacher Remix)
2. Volcanic Drumbeats (The Pulsinger/Tunakan Showoff)
3. Pocket Cowboy (Dmx Krew Remix)
4. Never (Dummy Run Remix)
5. Parachute (London Funk Allstars Remix)
6. Garigari Kun (Mijk Van Dijk Remix)
7. Caty Summer (Korsakov’s Remix)
8. Asunaro Sunshine (Captain Funk Electronic-Fever Mix)
9. Shangri-la (Jimi Tenor Remix)
10. Smoky Bubbles (Sensorama Remix)
11. Loop Zombies (Remix 4 Ya)

Label: Sony Music Europe
Catalog No: 01-492895-10
Release Date: July 15, 1999

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Denki Groove ‎– Asunaro Sunshine (12-inch Single)

Denki Groove - Asunaro Sunshine (12-inch single)

A1. Asunaro Sunshine (Takkyu Ishino Reconstruction)
A2. No Asunaro No Sunshine
B. Asunaro Sunshine (Captain Funk Electronic-Fever Mix)

Label: Ki/oon
Catalog No: SYUM 0066
Release Date: Sep 29, 1998


I remember that Mr. Takkyu Ishino contacted my ex-label for this remix project as he had liked Captain Funk’s debut album “Encounter with.” As understanding the background, I tried to make a major alteration to the original mix which was straight techno and to transform it into an electronic funk track in the vein of the album. I even included my vocals which were recorded with a Roland vocoder I would often use for live performances at that time. Looking back 20 years later, I kind of surprise myself at how audacious remix it was.

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