Groove Syndicate – 1 (One)

Tags: Dance, Electronic, and Rock. Categories: Collaborations.

This is a release of Tsunematsu Matsui (ex. Boøwy)’s project which Oe joined as a member together with Toshiyuki Kishi. Oe composed and produced M4 “Turbo Decoder” and M5 “Cruel Sun.”


1. God Speed (T.Matsui/T.Hotei/T.Kishi)
2. Bible Of The Dreams (T.Matsui/T.Hotei/T.Kishi)
3. Cutz On Your Feet (T.Kishi)
4. Turbo Decoder (T.Oe)
5. Cruel Sun (T.Oe)

6. Forest (T.Matsui)
7. Keep The Vibe
8. Loops Of Infinity

Label: Project-T
Catalog No: PTCC-1003
Release Date: Sep 25, 2003


By using bass motifs performed by Mr. Matsui, I created a groovy midtempo track and an uplifting electro-rock track. It was an invaluable experience that, with the repertoire of this album, we three opened for David Bowie’s Japan tour at Budokan.

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