Let There Be Pop – Christopher Just Remixes from 1995 to 2003 –

Tags: Dance and Electronic. Categories: Compilations.

This compilation album consists of remix works created by Christopher Just, an Austrian electronic music producer. His remix of Captain Funk “O.Y.M” was included.


1. Christopher Just – Welcome To The Forbidden Planet
2. Captain Funk – O.Y.M. (Christopher Just Remix)
3. Falco – Vienna Calling
4. DJ One Finger – Housefucker (Christopher Just Remix)
5. Chicks On Speed – Glamour Girl (Christopher Just Remix)
6. Takkyu Ishino – Anna – Letmein Letmeout (Christopher Just Remix)
7. Hiver & Hammer’s Hands On Divine – Step By Step (Christopher Just & Linn Simmons Remix)
8. Stereo Total – Tanzen Im 4Eck (Christopher Just Remix)
9. Elektrochemie LK – Girl! (Christopher Just Remix)
10. Westbam – Roof Is On Fire (Christopher Just Remix)
11. Female Trouble – Shoot Your Shot (Christopher Just Remix)
12. DJ Rush – Motherfucking Bass (Christopher Just Remix)
13. AWeX – It’s Our Future (Christopher Just Remix)

Label: Giant Wheel
Catalog No: GIANT001-2
Release Year: 2003

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