Puffy – PRMX (Puffy Re-Mix Project Licensed To Skill)

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1. サーキットの娘 (The Readymade JBL Mix ’99)
2. これが私の生きる道 (The Readymade; Darlin’ Of Discotheque Track)
3. 渚にまつわるエトセトラ (Take Me To The Disco)
4. 愛のしるし (Captain Funk’s パフィー DE サンバ Mix)
5. たららん (Cubismo Grafico Obrigado Mix)
6. アジアの純真 (Malcolm McLaren CD Mix)
7. Always Dreamin’ About You (Prophets Of Dream Mix)
8. アジアの純真 (Sgt. Tosh Mix)
9. 夢のために (EJ’s Pizza Man Mix)
10. Mother (H.W. Mother Train Mix)
11. ネホリーナ ハホリーナ (Bad Attitude Mix)
12. パフィー de ルンバ (Watermelon Remix)

Label: Epic Records Japan
Catalog No: ESCB-2060
Release Date: Dec 30, 1999


I had never imagined that I would have an opportunity of remixing Puffy’s music, but it turned out to be a fun experience to tinker with materials of this famous song. As it was way before I set up Pro Tools in my studio, I still would spend a huge amount of time manipulating my AKAI sampler.

When organizing the data I had received from their record company, the timpani sound in the intro part caught my ear. While the basic rhythm pattern of this song would fall into so-called a “Motown/Northern Soul-style,” I came up with an idea of transforming the pattern into an uplifting Batucada style by using the timpani like a surdo, a large bass drum used in many kinds of Brazilian music. There was a song called “Puffy de Rumba” in their repertoire, but it seemed that they had never incorporated Samba music into their original songs. So, I thought it was worth trying the idea.

I remember playing this remix at many of my DJ occasions including Machinegun, a party which I would organize at that time. It was one of the rare “J-POP dance-floor anthems” which were warmly welcomed by my audience who were open-minded but fastidious when it came to whether the music fitted the party well.

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